Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day One

Blogging day one....ahhhh, I'm so nervous excited, hee hee! I decided to start blogging because it's a great outlet for my ideas, emotions, projects, recipes, etc...  Every now and then someone will ask me for a recipe or where I got a piece of furniture, paint color, or vase so I thought that I should start a blog that answers those questions and many more.  I can't really say what my expectations are for this blog, other than that I hope it helps somebody out in the world in some way.  The truth is, I have A LOT of interests.  I love to cook, organize, decorate, create, create, and create.  So why name it Chaos in My Casa?  The name just fits my life perfectly.  It is very chaotic.  As a new homeowner and single parent to a 3 year old monster princess, my life is super chaotic.  Of course I only add to the chaos by diving head first into a ton of projects, ranging from painting rooms and rearranging furniture to making coasters, gardening, scrapbooking, etc... This is one of the reasons I've taken such an interest in organizing my home.  When you have 10 projects going at once, you have to be organized to keep from losing your mind.  My biggest organization inspiration is Jen over at IheartOrganizing, you can check out her super awesome site here. Organizing takes time and so far I've only gotten to a few things, but it is very rewarding.  
I also like to think of myself as a wanna be DIYer.  I don't always know what I'm doing, but I try things and most of the time I surprise myself and like the results :) So why not put them on a blog?  I think that's kind of what blogging is all about...learning as you go and writing about it to help guide other people who may be trying to accomplish the same feat.  This site will be changing daily as I upload pictures and write out posts to catch up with all the work I've done on my house in the past 8 months so please bear with me <3

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