Monday, May 7, 2012

DIY Dry Erase Board

I've worked on lots of projects since purchasing my home, and I have to say that Pinterest has been an amazing resource for DIY ideas.  

Here's a "dry erase board" project I found on pinterest.  You can see where the idea originated here.  I loved that you could personalize it with your own paper.  

It looked easy enough so I decided to take a shot at it!  First thing was finding a similar picture frame.  Hobby Lobby had them for about $40.  I knew I didn't want to pay that much (because I'm a cheapskate frugal) so I kept searching.

And I found one at Big Lots for $15!  Next thing I did was go to Hobby Lobby and choose some pretty scrapbooking paper.  When I got home, I used one of the glass inserts to cut out a piece from each sheet of paper.  I labeled them with the days of the week, popped them in behind the glass, and hung the frame in a location I walk by constantly throughout the day.  I can't even begin to describe how helpful this has been in keeping me on track.  I have widow brain some days and this helps to keep me from forgetting appointments, important info, schedules, etc...  I actually have a month size dry erase calendar in my kitchen but it's still set to June 2011 (the month Nick was killed).  I can't bring myself to change it and the squares are so small I can't fit much in them anyway.  This works much better!

Here is how mine turned out: 

 ...and a close up: 

I hung mine horizontally because it was much more practical to write across then to have to crouch down to get to the last two days.  

So, there you have it, one of my super quick, super easy, Pinterest inspired DIY projects.  Do you have something similar in your home that helps you stay on track?

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