Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grapevine Wreath

A while back I promised to do a tutorial on how to make a grapevine wreath like the one I made for my door:

Well, I'm finally going to deliver!

My mother wanted a wreath similar to mine, but she didn't care for my plain jane color choices (she's much wilder than I am).  I finally dragged her kicking and screaming got her to go to Hobby Lobby with me so she could pick out the flowers she wanted to use for her wreath. 

I recommend choosing flowers before paint colors because most craft stores carry tons of acrylic paint colors, but are sometimes limited in their flower selection.  

Once you choose your flowers, make your way over to the ribbon section and try to choose a coordinating color.  Mother chose orange and blue flowers so I grabbed this color ribbon for her pom pom bow:

Next, hit up the acrylic paint section in the craft department and choose a color that matches your color scheme.  I picked out a tangerine color. 
While you're in the craft section, pick up wooden number blocks for your street address and the grapevine wreath.

Got all that?  No?  Ok here's a materials list:

grapevine wreath (4.99$)
hot glue
glue gun
fabric flowers
stem cutters or wire cutters
wood number blocks
acrylic paint
foam brush

Here's a little tip: NEVER pay full price at Hobby Lobby.  They are constantly having sales and if you wait a few days, most of their materials go on sale anywhere from 30-50% off.  I don't pay full price for anything there unless I'm in a rush to complete a project.  PS, they have an online coupon for 40% off any single item and all you have to do is show it to them on your phone if you don't want to print it.  

Ok, enough babble, lets get started:

Grab a sheet of newspaper, lay down your wooden numbers, crack open the acrylic paint and foam brush, and give your numbers two coats of paint (may need more for light colors).

See my super high tech paint cardboard?  That's a torn up toothpaste box :)

Ok, while you're waiting for your numbers to dry, start making your pom pom bow.  I'm not going to give directions for that because I have a whole tutorial on it, which you can see here.

When you're done, you should have something like this:

Now grab your stem cutters and cut all but maybe 2-3 inches of the flowers stem.  You can opt to clip off or leave on the leaves depending on the look you want.   

I chose to cut off the leaves.

Here are my cut leaves and flowers (I told you she liked wild colors :) )

 Now you can start adding your flowers to the wreath.  I like to put my flowers on one side with the pom pom bow but you can choose any placement you like.  Usually the vines from the wreath are bundled tightly so all you have to do is push your flower through.  No securing necessary.

Now that you've started adding your flowers, make sure you pick out a spot for the pom pom bow:

If you have enough of the knotted ribbon on the back left over, you can just tie the bow onto the wreath.  This time I didn't leave enough so I had to hot glue the bow on:

Once the bow was on, I added the rest of her flowers:

 By now your numbers should be nice and dry.  Play around with placement of the numbers before you glue them to the wreath.  Once you find an arrangement you like, add hot glue to the back of your numbers and stick them onto the wreath. A word of WARNING, the wreath is bumpy and the numbers are not easy to keep on.  Remember to only add glue to the parts of the number that will be sticking to the wreath.  If you have trouble keeping the numbers on, you might want to try hot gluing some thread to the back and tying them on.  

After everything was glued on, I went back and added a few leaves by tucking them between the vines.  

Can you tell she's a UTEP Miner fan?  :)  

Here is a very quick, lopsided picture I took when I dropped it off.  

I was happy with the way it turned out, but I still like my plain jane colors better, nani nani boo boo!  Juuust kidding, Mother!  

See, I told you it was easy!  The great thing about making these is that you can always reuse the same wreath and just switch out the flowers.  Choose Fall colors for the Fall or add some snowflakes for Winter.  You can even take the numbers off and add a letter, like this one I'm working on:

or you can make one with your last name (not happening here because our is long).  The possibilities are endless.  Happy crafting :)


  1. Mother's wreath turned out lovely. The colors are perfect for spring and summer. I'm also loving your yarn wreath, and those yarn flower are to die for! So pretty! I can't wait to make a wreath of my own. Maybe an Alaska theme? Maybe not. Haha. ;)

    1. Thanks sister! I'm gonna go tinker with it and take a new picture. I didn't realize just how terribly lopsided the last one was until I put it up on the blog! An Alaskan theme would be nice. I'm thinking wooden bears and moose. Maybe wrapped in lumberjack red and white checker pattern :)