Tuesday, May 8, 2012

An Organized Coffee Station

When I moved into my house, I had a ton of counter space to work with, but I hated clutter so I rarely left things out on the counter.  Opening a cabinet each time we wanted a cup of coffee became a real pain, not to mention the fact that the coffee cups were housed in a cabinet far away from the coffee maker and the stirring spoons were way over near the sink.  It just wasn't flowing.  I decided to move the coffee maker to the counter directly beneath the cup cabinet.  That semi-simplified things, but it was not enough.  So I borrowed my aunt's idea of a coffee cup tree, and bought this one from Bed, Bath, and Beyond:

This helped cut down the number of times we were opening and closing the cup cabinet.  I also decided it made no sense to have our forks and spoons near the stove when all of our other dishes were now in one location, so I moved the utensil tray to a drawer directly beneath my new coffee station. 

All that was left was to find a place to put our filters and ground coffee.  I had been keeping them in a super cluttered spice cabinet and wanted them to be close to all of the other coffee supplies.  I decided to take out the contents of another drawer beneath the coffee station and make it a coffee supply drawer.  

This is what it looks like now: 

The Keurig was a Christmas gift from my awesome sisters.   I purchased the little keurig cup holder at walmart because the box that the cups came in was bulky and took up lots of space in my cabinet. 

Here's a look at the coffee drawer:

and the silverware drawer:

Now I have access to all my coffee supplies in one location:

I was walking in circles before just trying to put together a cup of coffee, and now I have my very own coffee station.  As I've been reading more and more blogs, I've discovered that I'm not the only crazy person with a coffee station, there are others just like me, woohoo!

I keep coffee beans and sugar close by in their own labeled containers. I like that they're chalk labels because I can always erase them and use the containers for something else.  

So there you have it, an organized coffee command center.

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  1. Love it! I need your counter space!lol
    My biggest headache is having to get the measuring cup from the cupboard, fill the measuring cup with filtered water and then pour it into the Keurig! Takes tooooo much time and I am always hoping for something more elegant to use for filling the coffee maker. Ridiculous, I know, but still trying to think of something to display next to the machine for the water. Any ideas?

  2. P.S. Love the hardware on the cabinets. You did a great job all by yourself! Not many people understand the amount of time, measuring, leveling and cursi....I mean patience that goes into mounting hardware on cabinets and drawers!

    Is there anything you cannot do??? :-)

  3. Thanks Jamie! I just grab my coffee cup, fill it with filtered water from the dispenser on the refrigerator, and pour it into the keurig. It is kind of a pain. Why can't they have machines that magically come prefilled with water each morning? haha!
    Yes, adding hardware was time consuming and a pain in the patooty. After I had done all the cabinets in the house, I read that they sell a plastic template at hardware stores that has holes spaced 3 inches apart for drawer pulls to cut out alot of the measuring...grrr! Oh well, lesson learned!

  4. Jamie, if you don't mind using up a bit of counter space, you could try looking for an antique carafe that could hold your filtered water that way it's always there and looks pretty. You would still have to fill it with filtered water but only about once a week instead of daily. Here's an affordable version at:


  5. Just read your reply ( yeah, I am that forgetful...and old ) and what an awesome idea, Veronica. Why can't I think of things like this? Anyway, my 1 year old Keurig bit the proverbial dust when I got back from SA. It took 4 attempts to make a half a cup of coffee so I did what any frugal coffee lover would do; I bought a cheap, 4 cup, Mr. Coffee maker. You know, the ones with the ugly, bulky carafe with the cheap plastic handle and base? Yeah, it is that ugly...but, ya know, Veronica, it actually makes a full cup of coffee! Unlike my expensive Keurig. In defense of myself I never did want that Keurig. Jairo just came home with it one day because they had one at his work. You know he is secretly cursing that machine since it went kaput.
    Anyway, did I mention that I miss you ladies? :-)