Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rice & Gravy

Courtesy of: me.  This is my take on one of Nick's favorite meals from back home.  I've slightly adapted it to make it less time consuming.


1-2 lbs round steak
1 onion, roughly chopped into semi-large pieces
1/2-1 green bell pepper, roughly chopped into semi-large pieces
vegetable oil
steamed rice

Begin by heating up a cast iron pot on medium high heat.  DO NOT USE A NON STICK POT!!!  You need the meat to stick.  Toss in the cubed steak.  Season to taste with salt, pepper, and cayenne (this can also be done before you fry it).  Let the meat brown and then add some vegetable oil.  You want the meat to start sticking to the pot so that you can scrape it and make the gravy.  Once it starts sticking, scrape the bottom with a spatula.  Add a little bit of water, let it reduce down until the meat is sticking again, then add a little more water.  Repeat this about 4 times.  The more that gets stuck to the bottom, the better.  Now add in your chopped onion and bell pepper.  Scrape the bottom and fill the pot with enough water to cover the meat and veggies.  Let this boil so that the steak can soften.  Once it's reduced down some, sift in some flour and whisk it with the scrapings till it makes a nice, thick gravy.  Taste and add salt as needed.

Serve over steamed rice or mashed potatoes.  Enjoy!

*the flour is optional, some people dont add it, they just make the gravy out of the water & scrapings.

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