Monday, May 7, 2012

Wall Decals

Hello, my name is Veronica, and I am a wall decal addict.  I always thought they were cute, but was annoyed when I would walk into someone's home and see them on EVERY single wall.  It was overkill.  A friend of mine had purchased some really cute ones from Uppercase living, so I checked out their site and thought they had some really great stuff. She warned me that they wouldn't stay on textured walls so she only used them on mirrors and other household items with flat surfaces.  I thought it would be a waste to buy a wall decal that wouldn't actually stick to a wall, so I never bought any.
 Then one day I was walking through Hobby Lobby (big surprise there, huh?) and noticed that they carried different types of decals.  I spotted some gorgeous 3D decals, and my jaw dropped.  I thought they would look lovely in my house, but my walls are so heavily textured, there was no way they would stay on.  Should I even bother trying?  When I saw the '50% off all decals' sale sign, it was a no brainer.  

I started with this one, which I put on the small wall at the top of the stairs.  

Even though it ended up being way too small for that wall and was eventually taken down, I was officially hooked. 

So I kind of went decal crazy.  

I put these up on two of my kitchen walls:

Here is the one, I put in my master bathroom:

Don't those  3D roses just take it to the next level?

I found that more and more stores were carrying decals at much more affordable prices (walmart, target, and even dollar stores) decals started making their way into a lot of our rooms.

Like the master bedroom:

Here's a close up, I'm currently working on framing the words:

Yes, those are dandelion decals on the wall as well.

Here is a super cute 3D one that I put up in Eva's room:

and a close up:

These two different tree decals went up in Eva's bedroom and toy room:

Last but not least, a nice quote in the living room:

Eva's toy room also has a ton of Princess decals, but I didn't choose them, she did.  I think anyone with a daughter will agree that they are up to their necks in princess stuff.  While I'm not crazy about having them all over the playroom, she loves them.  Here are just a few that are on the walls:

There are 3 or 4 more princesses in the room.  What can I say, they make her happy.  

So I guess I've turned into one of those people with decals on every wall...don't judge me!  hee hee :) I can't help it, it really is an addiction.  Some of them are just peel and stick, but the majority are the type you have to wet down with a damp cloth and rub on with an applicator tool (credit card).  What I like about them is that they add character and are easy to remove whenever you decide to change things up.  I have a feeling several of you are probably just as addicted as I am.  What kind of decals do you have in your home?


  1. I'm in love with the decal above your bed, and also the bathroom one. Jeannine took me to a boutique last week, and there was a wall decal that was a bird cage with a little bird sitting on the cage and flowers floating above the cage itself. Its pretty hard to describe, but I immediately thought of you! I snapped a pic of it to show you. It was only $10. I'll upload it to pinterest. :)

    1. Oooh that sounds so pretty! Birds, birdcages, flowers, owls, love, love, love them. The one on my bed is gonna get a face lift soon...along with the whole wall! Can't wait!