Monday, July 2, 2012

Dining Room Idea

As many of you know, I use my formal dining room as a play room for my Eva bean.  In the 10 months I've owned my house, I have changed that room at least 4 times.  I'm constantly reorganizing and decluttering.  I've noticed that lately Eva has been spending less and less time in her playroom.  I have been thinking that perhaps it's time to convert the room back into a formal dining room.  Of course I can't can't completely get rid of the toyroom, so the room itself would have to function as a formal dining room/toy room.  Since I recently got into sewing, I would also like to do the majority of my crafting in there.  It would be a space that Eva and I could work in together.  Okay, so that means that I need the room to serve three functions!  That could be doable, right???

Here's a look at what the toy room looked like when we first bought the house: 

It's changed quite a bit since then.  I will have an updated picture up soon.  The princess mat is gone, the little Ikea table is now in the center of the room, but will soon be gone as well.  There won't be a need for it once we have an actual table in here where we can both work on projects.  The little pink chair in the corner has been moved upstairs to Eva's room, and I'm thinking that the white Pottery Barn couch in the middle will probably get put in another room as well.  

I would really love to give the room an older feel by using some vintage furniture.  I love painted antiques and have been looking for a French style table with chairs.  I'd like to paint and antique whatever set I buy to look something like this: 

I would also recover the chairs in a different fabric, though nothing as modern as the one in the picture.  Any table that I purchase will have to have at least 1 or 2 leaves, since I want to be able to seat 8-10 people for formal occasions.  

The old bookcase from the office that I fixed up will probably get some new paint and can be used to store my sewing machine and craft supplies.  

I also like the idea of mixing up chairs. 

 I think it really adds interest, plus I want something really comfortable if i'm gonna be sitting and crafting for long periods of time. A few months back I bought the Hayden chair from World Market for my office:

It's really comfortable, so I'm thinking maybe 2 chairs in the plain linen color would be perfect for each end of the table.

As far as paint goes, I would love to have yet another shade of blue in my house, but I think I probably have way too many blue rooms as it is.  I fell in love with Martha Stewart's Purple Gray, but found out that it's not actually a paint color, just a mix they came up with, bummer!

I finally gave Olioboard a chance, and I am pretty smitten with it.  The site allows you to add your own photos to create style tiles.  Here's one I threw together for the dining room idea: 

Of course this doesn't show the toys that would also share the space, but it gives you an idea of the room I'm envisioning in my head. The paint color in the background is Benjamin Moore's Misty Lilac.  I think it's pretty close to the Martha Stewart color I wanted. I want to cover the chairs in a French Toile or Paisley print fabric and use rich fabric for the drapes. I think the antique looking table and blue color would match the  antique dining buffet I have against the opposite entryway wall (though mine is less turquoise):

What do you think?  Can I pull it off?  We shall see!  I'm leaving to Alaska in a week, so unfortunately this will get put off till I return in August.  We'll see if I haven't completely changed my mind by then :)  In the mean time, I am working on several projects, one of which is the start of the play room redo. Check back for a new post this week!

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