Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Decor Part 1

Hi y'all!  I've been talking about decorating for Fall for a few days now. I'm still not finished yet, but seeing as how everyone is linking up today, I thought I would share some of the things on which I've been working. Most of this is indoor decor. 

Here's what I've bought this week:  

(Hurricane vases, gourds and pumpkins from Walmart, basket 50% off at Michael's)

I used the gourds, pumpkins and hurricane vases in the front entry. The dried oak leaves are from Michael's and I just added them to an IKEA pitcher vase I already had.  I wasn't happy with how flattened and wrinkled the branches came out of the packaging.  

To replicate this look, simply add mini gourds and pumpkins to a vase and wrap with a ribbon.  I used a satin ribbon from my craft box.  The color is called toffy and I thought it was perfect for Fall. 

I removed our usual centerpiece and replaced it with the Michael's basket. I needed a way to incorporate the blue-green fabric on the chairs, so this basket with green-ish letters was perfect. I just filled it with oranges, apples, and pie pumpkins.  I still need to find a table runner.  I'm usually not into runners, but it would be nice to hide the scratches on our table top. The table has been taking a beating lately thanks to my busy little 3 year old.  

I was just going to store away our every day centerpiece, but then I came across this image from Pinterest:

I wasn't looking to buy all those parts, so I figured I would just reuse what I already had.  That's how I made this (our everyday table centerpiece):

 look like this:

I just used some of the twine I had in my craft box and some of the leaves that had fallen off the dried oak branches from the entry way.  I'll be tweaking those pumpkins this week.

 I haven't worked on the porch much yet.  In Texas, it barely even feels like Fall is almost here. I still need to paint some pumpkins and do some more shopping. I did, however, take down our LSU wreath and put up our Fall wreath and swag:

I'm gonna be putting away our Spring and Summer planters and replacing them with something more appropriate for Autumn.  I'm thinking barrels like this:

I figured since yesterday I shared some of our back yard flowers, today I would share some of what's growing next to our front porch:

I did pick up some mums last week, but they're still waiting to be moved to new containers:

If only Texas looked like this in the Fall:

Sigh! Oh well...

PS, we're linking up to these parties today: Southern Hospitality and French Country Cottage.  Be sure to go check out the other links for some awesome Fall inspiration!

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  1. Love the barrels, Vero. They look very homey. I can imagine some purple and gold mums in those planters. : )I have some in my front garden and they are beautiful!