Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Master bedroom wall makeover

Forever now I've been saying that I'm going to re-do the long accent wall in my bedroom.   This is what it has looked like for about 11 months:

I initially thought I would stencil the wall, then about 6 months ago I decided I wanted to paint frames around    the decal.  I was inspired by all of the black lines in my bedding:

 I put the idea off since I was working on a bunch of other projects.  Then one day while walking around Hobby Lobby, I found some black frames on sale.  It was a major clearance so they were 90% off the original price.  I thought maybe instead of painting the frames, I could be lazy and just hang some?  It was too good a sale to pass up, so I purchased two, not really knowing if they would work the way I was envisioning. 

(Proof of the clearance prices)

(Who would pay $88 & $131 for two frames?  Not me!)

Then I just left them leaning against my dresser.  Remember this picture:

It's from the house tour I posted back in July.  They'd probably already been like that for 3 months before this photo was even taken, so I'm not exaggerating when I say they've been there for at least 6 months now.

Anyway, I knew I wanted to use them to frame the decal that's centered over my bed:

  I can't really say why I've put this project off for so long other than a combo of procrastination and fear that it would look totally horrible.  I just knew I wanted to get rid of the dandelion decals that cover that entire wall.  If you scroll up, you can see them in the previous pictures.  I loved those decals when I bought them, not so much once I put them up.  Initially I had them like this:

I hated it.  That's why I rearranged them and added the decal over my bed.  Then I made sunbursts using The Nester's tutorial. It was an improvement, but I still  wasn't happy with it.  

Now it's September 19th and it finally irritated me enough to change it.  So first step was removing the  sunbursts and dandelions.  Once I was done, the wall looked nice and clear:

After that I grabbed the smallest of the two frames and held it up to center it over the decal....then I remembered that the decal was too long.  %&#! that meant I had to rearrange the decal to scoot the words a little closer together.  In the process I sort of tore one of the words:


I put it back together and you can only really tell there's a small tear if you get right up close to it. 

Then I installed hanging hardware on the backs of the frames.  I used my go to hanging thing-a-mabobbers from Hobby Lobby:

I took my measurements, marked the wall, checked them with a level, checked again, then tripled checked and hammered in some nails to hang them up.  Now the wall looks like this:

(pictures from different angles.  I need to re-center my bed)

I'm liking it okay but I need to do something on either side.  That wall is just too long.  I am still considering stenciling it, though I am afraid that will make it too busy.  My other idea is to paint black trees on either side with limbs facing the bed....hmmm maybe that just sounds like a good idea in my head.  

You probably caught a small glimpse of the sunburst in the previous pictures.  Let me show you where I relocated them:
One on the previously blank wall above the stairs:

and the other is now gracing the previously blank space above the chest in my room:

So that's as far as my accent wall transformation has gone.  Here's a little peek at a project I'm currently working on for the wall opposite the accent wall. It involves artist canvases and black and white prints:

So what do you think?  Improvement?  Yay, Nay?  Would you have left it alone?  To stencil or not to stencil?  I'll have to keep thinking on it.

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