Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Favorite Grays

As you all know by now, I recently painted my entryway and formal dining room gray. Actually, I just finished painting the striped accent wall in there last night.  

Since I've been on the topic of choosing the perfect gray, I thought I'd take time to share some of my favorite Benjamin Moore grays with y'all:

Silver Grays:


Silvery Moon

Blue Grays:

Marilyn's Dress

Silver Mist

Blue Lace

Purple Grays:

Portland Gray
Though I opted not to use it in my dining room, this is still a beautiful color!

Elephant Gray

Green Grays:

Nantucket Breeze

Dune Grass 

Brown Grays:


Himalayan Trek
(This is the color I used in my entry way and formal dining room.)

Ashley Gray

True Grays:

Rockport Gray 

Gettysburg Gray

San Antonio Gray


Sag Harbor Gray

Grant Beige

Broxburn Greige
 Sorry, I couldn't find an image for you, but if you're curious you can view the color here.

London Fog

picture sources: Myperfect color &

All of them are beautiful, and if I could, I would have each of them in my home.  I actually joked about it to the clerk who mixes my paint at the Benjamin Moore retailer.  She laughed when I said I wished I had a 1000 room house so I could paint each room a different color.  She thought I was joking....I wasn't.  

As you can see, Benjamin Moore has some beautiful choices (and these are a tiny sample of what they carry).  While I prefer Benjamin Moore for paint, there are so many beautiful colors made by other companies like Sherwin Williams and Behr, etc...  Actually the color Verdigris that is in my breakfast nook and 2nd guest room is a Behr color. You can see pictures of it on my walls in our house tour. If you're thinking of painting something in your home gray, my advice is to look at several different companies, invest in a few samples so you know how the color will look on your wall (don't just go off the paint chips at the store), and take the plunge, I promise you won't regret it.  Grays are so "in" right now but even if they weren't, gray is kind of a timeless choice that always looks good. 

Psssst.....if you really like one color from a company, but feel their paint is too expensive, many other companies will color match it for you so you can still have the color you love without breaking the bank.  

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