Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Hi everyone!  Happy Halloween! Sorry for the absence. I've been taking time to catch up on laundry, plan for Halloween, and clean up around the abode.  I'm nowhere near finished, but some progress has been made.  Since it's Halloween, I thought I'd finally share some pictures from the pumpkin patch we went to last week.  My mom bought a groupon for it so off we went!

It's hard to get into the Fall spirit when it's still 90 degrees outside, but we had a good time.  My sister and her boyfriend joined us, and of course, Eva loved having her auntie there.  The pumpkin patch we went to last year was bigger and nicer, but this one was much closer and the groupon included food and drinks, which was nice.

It also included two small pumpkins. Eva and her friend Emilia carved one into a Jack-o-lantern face.  The other got a bat.  

Eva's favorite activity was the pony rides (of course).  She has an obsession with horses.

She wanted to ride again and again, but the lines were ridiculously long.

Here she is riding, petting, and talking to her pony:

She decided to skip the tractor ride but did ride the barrel train with my sister's boyfriend.  

I got the feeling she wasn't impressed.  She's quite the diva.

She did, however, enjoy the petting zoo they set up.  She was happy to pet the rabbit, wallaby, alpaca, and turtle.

She ignored the rest of the animals.  

I think she wanted to take the alpaca home.  

She refused to pet the ball python.  I think I've traumatized her with my constant, "Don't touch snakes! They may be poisonous and can kill you!" speech.  I don't say it to be mean, it's just the reality of living in Texas.  We have copper heads and rattlers among others, and with our house backing up to a green belt, we can never be too cautious.

After the petting zoo, I let her jump around in a moon bounce.  Here she is mid jump:

It was so warm, her little cheeks were all rosy.

We decided it was time for a break.  Drinks and snacks, woohoo!

Eva stuffed her mouth full of funnel cake:

  That stuff puts a smile on her little face:

Then the sugar really kicked in and she started acting crazy:

I'm really not sure what she was doing here, we'll just blame the sugar:

We had fun despite the heat. 

This past weekend we continued the Halloween festivities by going to Sea World's Howl o' Scream with our neighbors.  The girls had a blast and of course the animals put on a great show.  

I'll try to upload a video of them dancing to YouTube and will hopefully share it with y'all tomorrow.

Tonight we carved out the rest of our jack-o-lanterns and baked Halloween cookies and cupcakes (pictures will be up tomorrow).  I just picked up Halloween candy for our trick or treaters yesterday.  I am so behind this year.   How are you spending your Halloween?  Trick or treating with the kids or staying home to hand out candy?  Eva and I are dressing up as pirates (at her request).  Can't wait to hear about your costumes.  Have a safe and happy Halloween! 

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  1. Omg ! She I sooooo cute ! God bless her I can't wait til my little girl is that big :) I hope you guys had fun :)