About Me

My name is Veronica Bellard and I am a widowed stay at home mom and DIYer at heart.  I became a widow several years ago when my husband was killed in Iraq, so now I am a single mother to a very crazy but lovable and brave princess.  After my husband was killed during a second tour of duty, I moved to San Antonio and purchased my first home.  

It was a crazy time but I felt like my daughter and I needed some stability after our world was turned upside down.  

That's a very simplified, shortened version of how I became a home owner.  Now I am staying home to spend quality time with my daughter. I have a degree in education, so I may go back and teach one day, or I may do something completely different. I haven't quite decided what I want to do with my life from now on.  For now I am happy staying home with my daughter, working on my house, traveling, and figuring out what comes next for us.   

Anyway, so here I am, learning the in's and out's of home ownership, personalizing this home that we hope to be in for a long, long time, and trying my hand at several different projects.  This blog is simply a way to share my thoughts, projects, pictures, random ramblings, etc... with friends, family, and anyone else who would like to follow along.
This is us!

and here are the two loves of my life:

I told you I had a princess!


This is our life.  It's crazy, busy, happy, sad, beautiful, and chaotic at times.  

Thank you for following us on our journey. 


  1. Hello there I wanted to tell you that you little girl is beautiful !!!! And I heart your house ! So cute !! I came across your blog by accident lol ( I believe a good accident ) well I just wanted to let yOu know that you seem like a very strong woman I don't think u could be like you I that ever happend to me ! I think I've seen you husband before my husband was station in fort hood til last year now in ga . 1st cav 82 battalion .. We used to live rift outside ok second gate towards metroplex hospital .

    Well good luck with everything :) ill be following you..
    By the way I'm new on this blogging thing check me out


    1. Hi Alina, thank you for your kind words. I think we can all be stronger than we think when we find ourselves with no other choice. I will be following your blog. Ps, the top 3 houses you are currently looking at are all dreamy. Thanks for following along!